Welcome to 'Be The RAW'!


I'm Savina. A student in Art, Media & Society and you entered my world, illustrated in this online space, in which I combine my multi-dimensional persona. I consider myself as a person without limits, and in my world, frames hardly exist. Fashion is my passion, beauty and wellness are my best friends & cooking is my hobby. You might think that my interests have come to an end, unfortunately, they are not. The strong sense of moral values combined with social, economical, and environmental curiosity, and painful addiction to create, have made a personality difficult to define. But why should I be one person, when I can be many. Fashion addicted on Monday & Tuesday, blogger on Wednesday, journalist & activist from Thursday to Saturday, and food explorer and photographer on Sunday. My obsession to create and re-create my world through words and visuals transformed me into a workaholic-agonist who stays up at night thinking, while my therapist called 'traveling' only makes everything worse by constantly throwing ideas in my already full iCloud.  


'RAW' is an abbreviation standing for |radical, authentic & wild|. The abbreviation has multiple meanings. These three words summarize the biggest role models in my life; the people who made me the person I am today and continue to inspire me to achieve the unachievable & reach the top of the mountain. The people who showed me the fruits of working hard and the power of believing in yourself & never giving up. These people are my parents, my grandparents,  my brother & the love of my life. The figures who had the biggest impact on me during my short existence of 21 years. 


'RAW' is who I am and who I want to be. |Radical| - possessing strong moral position and principles towards social, economic, cultural & political matters with a decent dose of respect and a sense of worthiness. |Authentic| - a person who follows his/her heart and intuition; believes in his/her abilities, and has no fear to show the beautiful and ugly faces of his/her character. A person who acknowledges its weaknesses and works on turning them into strengths. |Wild| - the sense of belonging, wherever you are; the unerasable memory of where you come from and where you want to go. No matter how much you grow and how old you get, never forget the little child inside of you that was smiling at the flowers that were dancing with the wind & saw beauty in every imperfection.